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e-IP LLC, (, IP Stores SM

TROY, MICHIGAN, USA April 21st, 2009 e-IP LLC, the operator of the largest intellectual property (IP) portal in the world, announced today that it now offers to its customers the ability to have their own virtual stores on this highly visited website.

In this tough economy, when companies and research organizations are trying to boost their revenues by selling or licensing intellectual property while trying to lower their expenses, they can leverage the power of the largest, fastest, and highest quality technology listing portal in the world to market their IP.

The site’s homepage is already starting to feature prestigious companies that have chosen to have a IP Store SM. These Stores exclusively feature these companies’ IP so that if potential licensees or acquirers search within these pages, they are only seeing that company’s available technologies.

“At the time when our website lists over 50,000 patent families, the requests for leveraging the strengths and popularity of THE Place To Go For Intellectual Property™ have skyrocketed”, says Christophe Sevrain, the Chief Executive Officer of the company. “In particular, we created these IP Stores SM as a result of requests to “rent” space on our highly visited and marketed website.”

Of course, when anyone searches on , the search engines will continue to look through the thousands of available technologies listed on that site, but it is now possible to go to areas which are reserved for organizations, with only their own listings, their logo, contact information, advertising, etc.

“The key advantages are that the timeline and risk associated with developing their own website are gone, and that it is maintained 24/7 by our company. In addition, more visitors come here first and these listings are more likely to be found quickly on our website,” continues Sevrain.

The search algorithms and features that users rave about on can be theirs right away on a site that is never down, and regularly maintained. Monthly detailed strategic analytics on these organizations’ listings are also available so they can keep improving their marketing campaign and the content of their listings.

“We do not think of these pages as a substitute for these organizations’ website, but rather as the conduit to bring more opportunities to them, due to our size and our significant marketing budget,” adds Sevrain.

To learn more about THE Place To Go For Intellectual Property SM, or to get your own IP Store SM on, email



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