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Press Release Becomes the Largest Database of Available Technologies in the World

TROY, MICHIGAN, USA - September 10th, 2008 -, the new portal that was launched earlier this year with the sole purpose of providing access to the best and largest inventory of available intellectual property through the fastest and most user-friendly portal is continuing to grow at even higher rates than previously reported. This month alone, is adding over 10,000 patent families, all of which available for licensing in various fields of use. This very powerful marketing tool has attracted some of the best and most prestigious research organizations in the world

Unlike other IP portals, focuses on the quality and variety of its listings, rather than offering additional services. Seekers of intellectual property (IP) can create a free account and start searching the site within a few minutes. Although the database keeps growing at extraordinary rates, there is already a lot of IP listed from all continents.

In the unlikely event that searchers of IP do not find the IP they are looking for, they can simply save their searches by checking a box, and they will receive emails each time IP corresponding to the saved search criteria appears on the website. Then, all they have to do is click on the link provided and login to see what just became available.

"The search function is very intuitive," explains Christophe Sevrain, the C.E.O. of e-IP, LLC, the company that created and operates the portal. "Searchers enter one or more keywords, in any order, and our proprietary search engine goes through all fields and attached documents provided by the listers of IP, and within seconds appears the search results." He adds, "Using fewer words is less selective than if using multiple words, and entering the minus (-) sign in front of words removes unwanted words. For example, entering "BREAST CANCER -DEVICE", will only display IP that is available for sale or licensing with the words BREAST and CANCER, but without the word DEVICE in the listing or associated attached documents."

This spectacular migration of available technologies to has been fueled by many innovative features on a secure site that make it easy for holders of Intellectual Property to market these assets. Some of the site’s proprietary features include:

  • The ability to find not-yet-published Intellectual Property, with searchers required to agree to a strict online confidential agreement to view these items
  • The ability to save searches and receive email alerts the very day new IP corresponding to saved search criteria is uploaded on the site

The most powerful Intellectual Property portal to date,, is already being visited by thousands of IP searchers and is adding thousands of IP assets every month.

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