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Press Release Accelerates Growth, and Reaches New Heights

TROY, MICHIGAN, USA – September 24th, 2008 – As predicted by many, e-IP, LLC is enjoying the “snowball effect” of having more technologies listed on its website ( than anyone else. Now that the portal has grown to be the largest IP listing service in the world, searchers always seem to find IP of interest, which makes them come back. IP holders, attracted by the sheer number of visitors through our site, continue to add technologies. This, in turn, alerts searchers of the new postings, which entices them to come back for more

“This self-feeding cycle is very healthy, and is where we wanted to be,” states Christophe Sevrain, the C.E.O. of e-IP, LLC. “We know that we have competition, and we both respect it and welcome it. But we have truly become THE Place To Go For IP™, as many of our competitors see their listings decrease over time” he continues.

Unlike some competitors, e-IP, LLC uses the most stringent definition of “a listing”. One piece of Intellectual Property with issued patents in five countries still counts as one listing, and IP that is not actively available for sale or licensing is not allowed on the website.

This focus on quality, value, and customer-friendliness made what it is today. Some of the features that users rave about are:

  • Automated uploading of IP listings
  • Unlimited number of attachments to their listings (PDF documents, PowerPoint® presentations, pictures, videos, etc.), that are fully scanned by sophisticated search engines
  • Direct access to contact information from interested parties, without having to go through an intermediary
  • Aggressive marketing of the website which means more listings and more visitors

“Our only purpose is to provide access to the best IP in the world through the most secure, trusted and reliable portal; as a result, it can also be a very powerful marketing tool for the research institutions that wish to license or sell their innovations” adds Sevrain.

The most powerful Intellectual Property (IP) portal to date is already being visited by thousands of IP searchers and is adding thousands of IP assets every month

To learn more about The Place To Go For Intellectual Property™, visit, or email


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