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Press Release Opens its Website to Marketers of
Intellectual Property

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI – February 13th, 2008 - A new proprietary website,, has started the uploading of Intellectual Property (IP) from universities
and from Fortune 500 companies interested in increasing the marketing power of their IP.
Universities’ and national laboratories’ technology transfer offices see this website as a means to get
more leads more quickly for the licensing of their IP. Unlike other sites, this portal groups IP from
many different research institutions, allowing seekers of IP to enter their search criteria once, instead
of having to visit many websites. Christophe Sevrain, the serial entrepreneur who founded and owns
TechTransferOnline, knows this too well: for over twenty years, he has been identifying and licensing
technologies for his companies, and for his customers. These searchers of IP can get alerts when
relevant IP items are posted on the site, and when their IP is being looked at. Furthermore, this site
also allows for the posting of still-confidential IP, by requiring the searchers to agree to an online,
stringent confidentiality contract.

Large corporations want to realize value from these assets, which are too often narrowly used only in
their core business, without realizing the additional revenues that these assets could create in other
markets. The website clearly shows for which field of use a particular piece of IP is available. For
example, an IP-rich automotive supplier might be in a position to license some of that IP to noncompetitors
for limited use outside automotive applications, such as in aerospace or medical devices.

Searchers of IP will not have to pay any fees to search through the website when they are able to
search for technologies after April 2008, thereby increasing the potential exposure. “We are waiting to
fill the shelves of our store before we open it to the public,”
said Sevrain. “In spite of this very limited
introduction to listers of IP only, we had well over a thousand unique visitors, mostly from university
technology transfer offices, since January 2008, the first full month that the site was up.”
he adds.

Entities from Fortune 500 companies to university systems have already contacted to post their Intellectual Property assets. If numbers to date are any
indication, the company expects to have more IP listed on its website on Day One of the launch than
any others, who have done this for years.

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