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Press Release Becomes The Place To Go For Intellectual Property™

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICHIGAN, USA – March 20th, 2008 – After only a few months of gathering intellectual property from universities, corporations, and other research institutions, www.TechTransferOnline has been entrusted with thousands of high quality Intellectual Property (IP) from some of the most prestigious research groups in the world, and is weeks away from launching the breakthrough proprietary portal to entities seeking IP.

“Universities’ and national laboratories’ technology transfer offices see this website as a means to get more leads more quickly for the licensing of their IP. Unlike other sites, this portal gathers IP from many different entities, allowing seekers of IP to enter their search criteria once, instead of having to visit many websites.” says C.E.O. Christophe Sevrain.

“Large corporations want to realize value from these assets, which are too often narrowly used only in their core business, without realizing the additional revenues that these assets could create in other markets. For example, an IP-rich automotive supplier might be in a position to license some of that IP to non-competitors for limited use outside automotive applications, such as in aerospace or medical devices,” he adds.

This spectacular migration of available technologies to has been fueled by many innovative features, which make it easy for holders of Intellectual Property to market these assets. Some of the site’s features include:

  • Proprietary automation software that uploads, and synchronizes hundreds or thousands of IP asset files onto the website with nothing for the IP holder to do,
  • The ability to list non-published Intellectual Property online, with searchers required to agree to a strict online confidential agreement for these items,
  • The logging of the identity of every party that has viewed the lister’s postings, to get instant leads,
  • A very low flexible fee structure that allows the lister to choose between paying when
    the IP is sold or licensed, or paying a flat subscription fee.

The most powerful Intellectual Property (IP) portal to date, is currently only open to “listers” of IP, in preparation of the major global launch next month. Yet, thousands of visitors are already visiting the website, and the exposure is expected to be even greater next month. “There is only one launch, and you don’t want to miss it!” adds Sevrain.

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