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Press Release, the Fastest Growing Intellectual Property Portal in the World, Launches Globally With Already Thousands of Technologies Available on its Site

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICHIGAN, USA – April 17th, 2008 – A new proprietary intellectual property (IP) portal, announces today that it has opened its website to anyone looking to license or acquire technologies from universities, corporations and other research laboratories. After only a few months of gathering such assets, the company has been entrusted with thousands of high quality IP from some of the most prestigious research groups in the world. Unlike other sites, all listed technologies on the site are available for licensing. This is definitely The Place To Go For IP™.

Visitors of the website can now search for available technologies for free, simply by entering some keywords as their search criteria, which they can save if they wish to receive email alerts each time a relevant piece of IP is posted on the site. “This approach prevents busy individuals looking for intellectual property from having to search through many university websites, and to keep checking”, says C.E.O. Christophe Sevrain. “It does not require the searcher to know which research group has which technologies or even what grouping (or cluster) to look under. All they have to do is enter keywords, and all information listed by the patent holders – from PDF files to invention disclosures – will be searched and displayed. If the search turns up too many “hits,” they simply narrow the search by adding keywords,” he adds.

Thousands of visitors have already come to the site over the last couple of months and thousands more are expected now that searching is allowed. Every day, hundreds of new pieces of IP are added to the site thanks to the company’s proprietary software which automates the uploading of information and records from research groups. does not get involved with pricing or negotiating. Its only purpose is to provide access to the best IP in the world through the most secured, trusted and reliable portal, allowing research institutions to display their innovations through this very powerful marketing tool.

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