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Press Release Becomes a Free Service for All Nonprofit Organizations, Worldwide

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICHIGAN, USA – May 14th, 2008 – Due to its immense launch success, with thousands of technologies available for licensing listed on this portal in record time from some of the most prestigious research groups in the world, announces today that it made the strategic decision to make its site free of charge to all nonprofit (tax-exempt) organizations that wish to list their IP on its website.

The company has started contacting all nonprofit organizations such as universities, and research laboratories that had paid it a fee, and will provide a full and immediate refund of all fees paid to date.

All of the features that compelled these research institutions to switch to, such as automated scraping of their existing website, uploading of database files, listing of their confidential IP, attachment of additional files, and visibility to viewers of their IP, continue to be included in the service at no charge.

“We developed this business based on our passion for creating startups, and for advancing technologies. It didn’t seem right to charge a fee to organizations that have as a charter to make intellectual property available to the public for educational and non-profit purposes,” says C.E.O. Christophe Sevrain. “In addition, our successful launch has given us the opportunity to be able to make this move, thereby fortifying our leadership position in many respects. We are focused on making The Place To Go For Intellectual Property™,” he adds.

Thousands of visitors are already visiting the site every month either to list or to search for IP. Unlike other IP portals, does not require exclusivity, or a minimum duration for the listing. does not get involved with pricing or negotiating. Its only purpose is to provide access to the best IP in the world through the most secured, trusted and reliable portal, allowing research institutions to display their innovations through this very powerful marketing tool.

To learn more about The Place To Go For Intellectual Property™, visit, or email


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