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e-IP, LLC ( Is Innovating Companies’ Secret Weapon By Becoming The Place To Go For Intellectual Property

TROY, MICHIGAN, USA – June 26th, 2008 – After only a few months of gathering intellectual property from universities, corporations, and other research institutions, has been entrusted with thousands of high quality Intellectual Property (IP) from some of the most prestigious research groups in the world. Innovative businesses see this as their opportunity to easily strengthen their IP portfolio, or unload technologies that no longer fit their strategic direction.

As companies are increasingly looking outside their own walls for innovation, a central place was needed to display available technologies. Now, instead of trying to figure out who owns a particular patent or visiting every single university technology transfer office to find that particular innovation, it can be found in one location. This is somewhat similar to entering keywords on eBay to find a car instead of going to each dealership.

Large corporations want to get value from these intangible assets, which are too often narrowly used only in their core business, without realizing the additional revenues that these assets could create in other markets. For example, an IP-rich automotive supplier might be in a position to license some of its IP to non-competitors for limited use outside automotive applications, such as in aerospace or medical devices.

This spectacular migration of available technologies to has been fueled by many innovative features on a secure site that make it easy for holders of Intellectual Property to market these assets. Some of the site’s proprietary features include:

  • Automation software that uploads and periodically synchronizes hundreds or thousands of IP asset files onto the site so that the IP holder does not need to enter large numbers of technologies by hand
  • The ability to list not-yet-published Intellectual Property, with searchers required to agree to a strict online confidential agreement to view these items
  • The ability to save searches and receive email alerts the very day new IP corresponding to search criteria is uploaded on the site
  • The logging of the identity of every party that has viewed the lister’s postings, or executed the online non-disclosure agreement, to get instant leads
  • A very low flexible fee structure that allows the lister to choose between either paying when the IP is sold or licensed (a one-time US$5,000 fee), or paying a flat subscription fee ($99.50 per IP family per year).

The most powerful Intellectual Property (IP) portal to date,, is already being visited by thousands of IP searchers and is adding thousands of IP assets every month.

To learn more about The Place To Go For Intellectual Property™, visit, or email


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